Living Off Grid – Prepping to Live Off the Grid

Living Off Grid – Prepping to Live Off the Grid

Off Grid Living - Prepping to Live Off the Grid

Off Grid Living – Prepping to Live Off the Grid

Living Off Grid: Join us to learn how to live off grid with solar, rainwater harvesting, aquaponics, wood stove, raising chickens, bees, planting gardens, canning food, etc.

We have lots of free “How-To” Units with pictures and videos on the step-by-step process of learning how to live off the grid!

We’ll teach you about buying some raw land to setup a homestead; building a cozy, off grid shed, cabin or home for shelter; setting up a solar system for free electricity or a solar hot water heater for hot showers; using rain harvesting systems to collect fresh water; raising chickens, ducks, goats, and cattle for meat/milk; growing aquaponics or permaculture gardens to grow year round veggies and raise fish/shrimp; managing beehives for pollenating crops and producing honey; setting up outdoor workshops for building your own furniture; and learning how to catch fish and/or how to trap and hunt wild game for meat and clothing.

We hope that you’ll learn from people who are living the life and have valuable experience to share; or, maybe you’ve been doing a lot of research and want to share your existing knowledge with newbies who are just now beginning their own research for the best tips, tricks and the most effective strategies for how to move into and survive in an off grid lifestyle and environment.

We welcome Preppers who worry about Shit Hitting the Fan (SHTF), EMP blasts, foreign invasions, etc., and can educate us on what should be stockpiled, stored, hidden; how to make home made weapons and how to secure an off grid homestead for a zombie-like apocalypse.

It never hurts to be prepared for whatever the world throws our way. Right?

Our rules are the same as just about every other Living Off Grid Facebook group:

  1. We have a pioneer mentality and purposely raise, kill and butcher animals for food and do not like whiners.
  2. We believe in killing all varmints/pests that interfere with off grid farming operations.
  3. We don’t like mean people that do not play nicely, fairly and justly with other members.
  4. We strongly encourage members to search Google and watch YouTube videos so that they can make informed, intelligent posts.
  5. We welcome vendors to post byline articles, spec sheets, photos URL links to products/services for sell.
  6. We prohibit promotion of other Facebook groups, but posting news articles are ok.
  7. We encourage members to make posts with pictures, videos with in-depth descriptions/examples of off grid living.
  8. We encourage members to precede their posts with a #state or other hashtags to identify their locations/subject matters so members can give them localized answers.
  9. We encourage members to discuss private/delicate matters via direct FB messages so keep things private.
  10. We encourage blocking mean people and letting administrators know when something unacceptable is going on within the group.

Please contact an admin with any group concerns or problems.

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