Lumin Introduces “Off-Grid Mode” for Solar Energy Storage Market

Lumin Introduces “Off-Grid Mode” for Solar Energy Storage Market in Puerto Rico

Off-Grid Mode optimizes solar energy storage for dynamic, whole home backup, while providing homeowners with granular energy use data and peace of mind in grid insecure regions

Puerto Rico – Lumin debuted a “Solar Off-Grid Mode” as a critical component of the Lumin Energy Management Platform. Speaking at the Solar Power Puerto Rico event in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Chief Commercial Officer, Kevin O’Shea described the next level tech as a breakthrough for homeowners.

Lumin Introduces “Off-Grid Mode” for Solar Energy Storage Market

Lumin Introduces “Off-Grid Mode” for Solar Energy Storage Market

“Lumin’s mission to bring intelligence and control to the junction where electricity comes into homes is best exemplified when paired with storage because our platform solves major road blocks to its widespread adoption,” said O’Shea. “By opening up the number of available circuits and doing away with the protected loads panel, Lumin enables the battery to account for demand and automatically shed loads. Lumin homes are truly responsive to market conditions and homeowner preferences.”

A member of the Solar Energy and Storage Association Puerto Rico (SESA-PR) and exhibiting at the first-ever Solar Power Puerto Rico, Lumin is demonstrating “Off-Grid Mode” this week as part of its platform aimed at Puerto Rican storage providers.

“We’re delighted that this event is attracting new solutions tailored specifically for Puerto Rico, where grid resiliency and home owner preparedness is critical,” said P.J. Wilson, SESA-PR Founder & President. “Removing barriers to residential energy storage adoption is of paramount importance here and anywhere in the world where traditional energy delivery systems are out of sync with customer needs.”

Lumin homeowners can use “Off-Grid Mode” to designate the set of circuits they wish to enable in an off-grid scenario. When triggered by an outage, the Lumin platform begins shedding loads responsively and disabling circuits, allowing for dynamic, remote control of the remaining enabled circuits. With “Off-Grid Mode,” Lumin homeowners are no longer restricted to using a limited set of circuits locked behind a fixed protected loads panel. Instead, they can determine which circuits they would like to energize and when, so their home can reflect and respond to their changing needs. When grid power is restored, all circuits revert to their pre-outage state.

The Lumin Energy Management Platform is commercially available throughout North America and sold to home and building owners through solar and energy storage installers. Demonstrations will be held during the Solar Power Puerto Rico exhibition hours April 30th-May 1st at booth #13 or by appointment.

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