How to Raise Black Soldier Flies for Off-Grid Chicken and Fish Feed

How to Raise Black Soldier Flies for Chicken and Fish Feed

Intensive Black Soldier Fly Farming to Grow Free Food for Chicken, Fish and Pigs

Black soldier fly is native to the most area in the United States, but the density of the population might vary across states.

If you don’t see them frequently in your area, it means you don’t have millions of them around, and you will find it hard to attract fertilized females to lay eggs in your nursery.
In this situation, a fly cage is highly recommended. In the picture below, there are two types of cages. One is made from PVC pipes (48*25*20 inch) and covered with baby insect proof net.

The size of this type is limited by the size of available netting. In the middle is a wood framed cage (48*48*48 inch), and it’s covered by common screen mesh. Either one works pretty well.

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