The Best Gas, Battery and Electric-Powered Chainsaws for Off Grid Cabins, Sheds and Homesteads in 2020

Off Grid Living – The Best Gas, Battery and Electric-Powered Chainsaws for Off Grid Cabins, Sheds and Homesteads in 2020

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Off Grid Living - The Best Gas, Battery and Electric-Powered Chainsaws of 2020

Off Grid Living – The Best Gas, Battery and Electric-Powered Chainsaws of 2020

Picking the Best Gas, Battery and Electric-Powered Chainsaws of 2020

New York – There are three main types of chainsaw to choose from; gas-powered chainsaws are most frequently used by professionals, as they are the most powerful, and can run longer than their electric counterparts. STIHL chainsaws are perhaps the best known brands in this category, and you can get some very capable Husqvarna chainsaws in this class too, but you might not need a tool of that magnitude.

For many domestic users, who mostly need chainsaws for home purposes, such as cutting branches off trees and chopping down smaller trees, battery-powered electric chainsaws can often do the job nicely. If you’re on a budget, have a small garden, or only need to call on your chainsaw-wielding abilities every now and then, a corded chainsaw might be enough for you.

Do keep in mind, of course, that chainsaws are incredibly dangerous power tools, so make sure you use protective equipment at all times, and thoroughly read the manual for whatever chainsaw you end up choosing, treating it with care at all times.

Also, frequent use will wear down the chain, making its jagged teeth blunt. If you don’t want to keep forking out for new chains, get yourself a chainsaw sharpener and follow our chainsaw maintenance tips at the bottom of this guide.


Do chainsaw Chains Stretch?

Chainsaw Chains can wear out over time and will begin to “stretch” out. If your saw is not getting enough oil, the friction of the chain rubbing against the guide can heat the chain and will wear it down more quickly. It is important to make sure that you are adjusting to let enough oil onto your blade in order to prolong the life of your chain. Remember that larger guides and chains will require more oil and that you will also have to up the output if you are cutting particularly dry wood or dirty bark.

Another problem that can cause a chain to “stretch” is a worn out sprocket. If your chain is no longer gripping to the sprocket as it should, this can make for a lose fit along the guide. Check out the manufacturer’s instructions for help with changing your chain or sprocket and for more tips on avoiding unnecessary wear.

Do Chainsaws Overheat?

Yes, chainsaws can overheat. Chainsaws, like many power tools, have powerful engines that can run at very high temperatures and can overheat, particularly during the summer months. Regular maintenance and cleaning of your saw can help to prevent overheating as air intake areas on saws can become clogged with dust, debris, or oil buildup.

The engine, guide-bar and chain should also be kept clean, (fueled with a non-ethanol fuel mixture, for gas-powered saws) and lubricated in order to reduce friction that can overheat the saw.

Does Chainsaw need Oil?

Yes, yes, and yes. Proper lubrication of your chainsaw will keep it running smoothly and efficiently, and reduce overheating and wear over time. Most saws come with auto-lubrication systems, so, as long as you make sure you have plenty of oil in the tank, and are regularly cleaning your equipment, you should be able to maximize your chainsaw’s lifespan.

How to use a Chainsaw?

Every chainsaw works differently, as startup, stopping, and operational features and procedures can vary greatly between models. It is imperative that you carefully read the operating instructions that come with your specific machine in order to ensure safe operation of your new chainsaw. Also, before you go out and buy your chainsaw you need to find the right size and weight of chainsaw you feel comfortable using.

Are Stihl chainsaws the best?

STIHL certainly makes a good case for being one of the best brand of chainsaws. If you’re willing to put out the cash for a fine chainsaw, it’s worth a trip to the hardware store to look at a STIHL.

By most accounts, you can expect these saws to be powerful, durable, reliable and long lasting. The STIHL MS170 performed well in our tests, but missed out on being our best overall pick due to its price and entry-level nature. We found it to be smooth, fast and agile, making clean, straight cuts every time we used it.

One other thing to note about STIHL chainsaws is that it’s almost impossible to purchase them online. You’ll have to go to a local STIHL dealer, which you’ll be able to find through the company’s dealer locator on their website.


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