It’s Time! – How to Plant a Winter Garden to Grow Food During Cold Weather for Off Grid Homesteads

Nothing helps stave off a little cabin fever like working
in and harvesting food from a wintertime garden!

It’s Time! - How to Plant a Winter Garden on Off Grid Properties

It’s Time! – How to Plant a Winter Garden for Off Grid Properties

What Vegetables Can You Grow in a Winter Garden?

Austin, Texas – Now that November has arrived and we’ve had one frost, it is time to plant a winter garden. Winter gardening as the night get colder will raise the sweetness of many cole and root crops. Harvesting carrots out of the snow or having kale all winter long is the sign of a master gardener and homesteader, providing quality organic food for the family on a year round basis.

There are two expected results of winter gardening: crops are grown for fall and winter harvesting or planted to overwinter for an early spring harvest. In addition, many winter gardeners use covering or cloching to extend their seasons well into frosty weather.

To make your life easier,  you can purchase a winter garden seed collection from Territorial Seed Company to supplement your existing seed stock.

The kit includes the following crops:

1. Broccoli-Fall Broccoli Blend
2. Brussels Sprout-Falstaff
3. Beets-Autumn Harvest Blend
4. Cabbage-January King
5. Collards-Champion
6. Carrot-Merida
7. Kohlrabi-Superschmelz
8. Kale-Improved Dwarf Siberian
9. Lettuce-Arctic Tundra Blend
10. Winter Greens Blend
11. Mustard-Tah Tsai
12. Onion-Winter White Bunching
13. Chinese Cabbage-Tenderheart
14. Pac Choi-Chinese
15. Parsnip-Gladiator
16. Radish-Cherry Belle
17. Spinach-Giant Winter
18. Swiss Chard-Fordhook Giant
19. Turnip-Purple Top White Globe
20. Cauliflower-Amazing

How to Prepare a Winter Garden

Some of these seeds are directly sown and some are started in pots to transplant later.  Unlike late Winter/early Spring starts, you don’t need a greenhouse to get your winter crops started.  You can start cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts and broccoli in containers, and sow broccoli seed directly in the garden’s soil.


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