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Construction Services Co-Operative™ Page

Have you recenty purchased land in Arizona and are now searching for construction services to help you make necessary improvements to your land at the most affordable price possible?

All members of the Arizona OffGrid Construction Services Cooperative will enjoy affordable construction services since we are a non-profit organization. We provide many different types of services that are provided at cost or very near cost plus enough to pay our employees enough to make good salary for working hard every day to help our customers carve out a homestead on the raw land they have purchased.

Our construction crews can do everything from building t-post / solar-powered electric fences to keep out cattle, to using heavy machinery to bulldoze new roads and level out drive ways, to clearing out and removing trees, tree stumps, bushes, rock and boulders to make room for a building gravel pads for RVs/double-wide trailers as well as digging and pouring cement footers for pier-and-beam and cement foundations for new homes, cabins, sheds and manufactured homes.

Need a well drilled, water lines dug and pipes laid, or a new septic system installed? No problem! We are a non-profit, cooperative and will build all of these things for most affordable price possible.

In addition, we have a staff of licensed contractors, including:

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Services – for generating customized, floor-plan drawings that can be submitted to county permit offices.
    Arizona OffGrid Construction Services Co-Operative
  • Carpenters – for building anything with wood. Predator-proof chiken coops, rabbit huts, bee hives to wooden decks and pergolas to outbuildings, sheds, cabins and regular stick-framed homes. You name it, we can frame it.
    Shed Homes - How to Stick Frame Walls with Siding -
  • Electricians – for installing solar systems, battery backup banks and back up generators to wiring entire homes and barns with AC and DC outlets.
    Arizona OffGrid Construction Services Co-Operative Electricians Wiring a House
  • Plumbers – for installing water lines/drip lines for gardens to rainwater collection systems to plumbing homes with cold and hot water lines for kitchen, bathrooms and washrooms to water solutions for live stock.
    Living Off Grid - How to Keep Your Shed or Cabin Warm in the Winter by Installing Radiant Heating with Underflow PEX Piping in Tandem with a Solar Hot Water Heater, Propane Heater or a Wood-Fired Boiler
  • Stone Masons – for building stone fireplaces, rock/brick fire pits and gabion rock-baskets for rock retaining walls.
    How to Build a Rocket Stove Mass Heater Combined with Masonry Stone Work to Heat an Off Grid Cabin or Home
  • Solar Panel /Power Inverter Installers – for building small, medium and large solar power arrays to provide free, clean, green electricity.
    Cascade Solar Groad Mount Solar for Off Grid Sheds, Cabins and Homes
  • Rainwater Collection Experts – for building small, medium and large rainwater harvesting systems that are large enough to collect a years worth of water supply from a single monsoon thunderstorms.
    Off Grid Living - How to Install Rain Barrel Cisterns to Collect Rainwater and Store It to Provide Water
  • Build Predator Proof Chicken Coops – for raising chickens, ducks, geese and other types of birds for eggs, meat and feathers.
    Living Off Grid - How to Build a Predator Proof Chicken Coop to Protect Against Foxes, Skunks, Opossums and Raccoons
  • Bee Hive Apiary Specialists – for designing and building beehives with safety in mind for healthy bee populations, teaching best bee raising practices, and teaching off griders what type of gardens, trees, bushes and wildflowers to produce the most profitable types of honey. OffGridders can also participate in raising bees to participate in pollination programs that rent and transport bees to California once a year.
    Living Off Grid - How to Make Money Raising Bees and Selling Raw Honey for an Off Grid Cabin or Home
  • Raised Bed Gardens/Aquaponic Garden System Installers – for building gardens with perfectly pH balanced water/soil garden growing beds, water lines and drip systems and/or standard greenhouses and/or high-tunnel gardens.
    Living Off Grid - Planting a Raised Bed Garden for an Off Grid Homestead
  • Food Shelter Belts Arborists – for planting shrubs, berry bushes, fruit and nut trees that serve as wind breaks, but with the side benefits of growing food for homesteaders and the wildlife around them.
    Off Grid Living - Planting a Tree for a Wind Break - 2
  • Natural Swimming Pools – for designing and digging stock tanks and natural swimming pools that use aquatic plants to filter the water to keep it clear as well as doubling as a pond for raising fish.
     Off Grid Living - Building a Pond for an Off Grid Property
  • USDA-Backed Loans – there are government backed loans and grants that offgrid homesteaders can get from the federal government to help them obtain loans for improving their properties. But you have to work with licensed contractors for them to approve a loan contact us for more details.
    USDA Rural Development Loan Programs 2020
  • Land Concierage Services – for landowners that haven’t moved onto their land yet, many times discover that it can be a burden to keep paying land rent payments, Property Owners Association (POA) dues and annual property taxes with no return-on-investment.
    Living Off Grid - Living in a Tiny Homel in the High Desert of Northern Arizona

    Our land concierge experts will teach land owners how to make minimal investments in building chicken coops, raised bed gardens, bee hives and building small tiny homes that can be rented out as an AirBNB properties to people who want to give the living off the grid experience a try.

    It’s hard to make money as an individual homesteader trying to sell extra eggs, garden produce or raw honey in low volumes to the general public, but when a property owner participates in a cooperative that aggregates these types of products and sells them to a distributor, the process becomes much easier and more profitable.

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