Guide to Off Grid Living - Rainwater harvesting isn't exactly new to New Mexico

Guide to Off Grid Living – Rainwater Harvesting Isn’t Exactly New to New Mexico

Harvesting Rain and Meltwater Just Makes Sense in Taos, Mexico by Jim O’Donnell, Taos News Taos, New Mexico – For thousands of years the original inhabitants found a wide variety of brilliant ways to put water to work. Much later, Hispanic colonists did the same with the creation of acequia communities, employing an ancient technique […]

Houses Built for Off-Grid Living Include Earthships Built with Hemp, Hay, Rainwater Collection and Passive Solar Heating

Off-grid living can vary widely, but generally embraces a sustainable, autonomous lifestyle including generating your own solar power, rainwater collection, waste removal/sewage solutions (such as a worm farm waste system) and growing indoor aquaponic gardens Adelaide, Australia – Kathy Menzel says she used to be completely oblivious to power bills, “just running along in the […]

Guide to Off Grid Living - Rainwater harvesting isn't exactly new to New Mexico

How to Build a Rainwater Collection System 

Building a Rainwater Collection System How to Build a Rainwater Collection System If harvesting rainwater is legal in the state where you live, then you should definitely give it a try before you actually need water. Even people that live in suburban areas should give a try to water lawns, flowerbeds and gardens. It’s always […]

How to Setup an Automatic Watering System for Chicken Coops with Rainwater Harvesting and Water Nipples

Off Grid Living – How to Setup an Automatic Watering System for Chicken Coops with Rainwater Harvesting Click on the photo to see more pictures: Setting Up an Automatic Watering System for Chicken Coops Washington – How to setup a automated chicken watering station inside a chicken coop using rainwater harvesting rain barrels. Providing an […]

How to Setup an Easy Rainwater Harvesting for Off Grid Homes

Setting Up an Easy to Build Rainwater Harvesting System with a Tin Roof, Rain Gutters, Screens, Chlorine Tablets, Storage Tanks and an Activated Carbon Filter to Ensure Safe, Clean Drinking Water By Markerbuoy – On Canada’s Left Coast Canada – Almost twenty years ago, I set up this rainwater collection system out in the woods. […]

Guide to Off Grid Living - Farms, Working Ranches and #OffGrid Homesteads - ATVs Side by Side UTV The Best Makes Models on the Market

Does Your All Terrain Vehicle/Side-by-Side Utility Vehicle (ATV/UTV) Company Need Help Marketing Its Products to Hundreds of Thousands of New Customers in the Off Grid Homesteading industry? Click here!

Let Front Page PR help you find thousands of new customers in the Off Grid Living Homestead Industry that are planning to buy an ATV or a Side-by-Side UTV Vehicle in the next 12 months Austin, TX (Oct. 10, 2022) – announced today that the agency can now provide ATV companies with turnkey marketing […]

Guide to Off Grid Living

Front Page PR Targets Manufacturers, Distributors and Resellers that Want to Reach Hard to Find Off Grid Homesteaders that Represent a Growing $248.2 Billion Industry that Want to Buy Off Grid Products / Services

Front Page PR can help OEM manufacturers reach Homesteaders, Farmers and Ranchers with Planned Budgets of $100,000+ or More to Spend on => Off Grid Solar and Batteries, Rainwater Harvesting Solutions, Rain Barrel Water Storage Tanks, Wood Stoves, HVAC Mini Splits, Backup Generators, Composting Toilets, Septic Tanks, Broadband Satellite Internet Access, Recreational Vehicles (RVs), All […]

A Timeline and Game Plan for Building an Off Grid Shed, Rustic Cabin or a Regular Off Grid Home

Timeline for Finding and Buying Rural Land and then the Step-by-Step Prioritized Process of Building an Off Grid Homestead Start searching for “Off Grid Raw Land for Sale,” “Rural Property for Sale,” or “Off Grid Farms/Ranches for Sale” in your desired state. Once you narrow it down to a state, then start reviewing the county […]