How to Build a Pond or Lake to Raise Fish and Store Water

Building a Pond, Lake or Natural Swimming Pool to Raise Fish and Store Water

Off Grid Living - How to Build a Pond or Lake for Awesome Fishing and Reproduction

How to Build a Pond/Lake for Raising Fish, Awesome Fishing and Creating a Natural Swimming Pool

One of the coolest things I learned while doing research for my own off grid property was learning how to build my own combination of a stock tank and a natural swimming pool, which utilizes aquatic plants to naturally filter the water so that is almost as clear as regular swimming pool, but without using any harsh chemicals. The result is a swimming pool that is clean enough to see the fish that you’re raising in tandem with an aquaponic garden.

In fact, building a natural swimming pool surrounded by a carefully manicured aquatic landscape is not only beautiful, it can be engineered to promote active breeding of a whole zoo of wildlife that will come to drink, seek shelter and even feed on the residents living in harmony in the pond and on its shores.  The fish, ducks and geese usually will muck up a pond, but using an aquaponics garden to filter the water provides valuable and free organic fertilizer.  A duck island in the middle with a swim through trap door keeps all waterfowl protected from the local coyotes and the growing wolf population.

And most wildlife agencies will help you stock the pond, learn how to manage it properly and even come out once every 5 year and do a fish population census to see if your wildlife management plan is going according to schedule. If your pond is in a migratory bird path you may even qualify for grants to support proper wildlife management strategies.

How to Build a Pond, Lake or Natural Swimming Pool to Raise Fish and Store Water

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