How to Build a Rabbit Hutch and Protected Rabbit Run

Building a Rabbit Hutch and Protected Rabbit Run

Living Off Grid - How to Build a Rabbit Hutch for Raising Meat Rabbits

How to Build a Rabbit Hutch for Raising Meat Rabbits

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Tips for Building Rabbit Hutches and Raising Rabbits

If you are looking to raise a reliable meat source, then look no further than rabbits and they are a perfect fit for any size homestead.

Raising rabbits has several benefits. First of all they are cute and cuddly and make great pets. Second, they make a very good composter of table scraps and breed, well, like rabbits. Their meat tastes great, but is very lean and great for people on a diet.

They may seem small, but because they reproduce so quickly one rabbit can give anywhere from 125 pounds to 250 pounds of meat per year (depending on how frequently the doe is bred and how many kits per litter.)

Rabbits poop a lot and their productive breeding will provide a steady supply of food that can be used to feed Black Soldier Flies that will turn poop into high protein chicken feed.

Topics to Research before Starting a Rabbit Breeding Operation:

  1. Choosing the Right Breeds of Meat Rabbits
  2. Decide What Kind of Rabbit Hutches to Build
  3. Selecting the Best Feed for Your Rabbits
  4. How to Use Automated Watering Systems
  5. Things You Shouldn’t Do When Raising Rabbits
  6. Basic Healthcare Tips for Rabbits
  7. Best Materials for Warm Rabbit Beds
  8. Best Rabbit Mating Practices
  9. How To Know When Baby Rabbits Are About to Be Born
  10. Things Not to Do with Baby Rabbits

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