Guide to Off Grid Living - Rainwater harvesting isn't exactly new to New Mexico

How to Build a Rainwater Collection System 

Building a Rainwater Collection System

Living Off Grid - How to Turn IBC Totes and Galvanized Tanks into Rainwater Cisterns

How to Turn IBC Totes / Tanks into Rainwater Cisterns

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How to Build a Rainwater Collection System

If harvesting rainwater is legal in the state where you live, then you should definitely give it a try before you actually need water. Even people that live in suburban areas should give a try to water lawns, flowerbeds and gardens. It’s always nice to know that should your city water become tainted like Flint, Michigan, or, should a nearby oil & gas hydraulic fracking operation cause a natural disaster to destroy your water table and well water, you have a backup plan already in place.

There are literally a million ways to build and manage rainwater collection systems, which depend largely on how big the system is, the volume of water held and what type of water management pumping system you plan to use to move water around to where you need it. Being a solar advocate, build a system that uses solar water pumps, sump pumps and even solar purification systems to sterilize and purify my water to make sure its safe to use for cooking, cleaning and washing.

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