What is the Best State for Living Off the Grid?

Searching for the best place to start living off the grid in the United States? Click here to see a state-by-state directory of OffGrid Living Pages for every state in the USA.

The links below will show you a OffGrid Living reference page for every state in the USA and a few countries worldwide. Each state page will provide stories, pictures and videos from people who are actually living off grid in each respective state.

And while this will give you an overall idea of what the rules and regulations will be for each state, people who are actively searching for land to buy need to go the County Tax Assessor website for the county where they want to buy property. Then search for the county building code book that will detail what kind of structures they can build, what type of septic system they need to install, as well as what the regulations are for drilling a fresh water well or installing a big rainwater harvesting system.

Go to each state page, and then:

1st watch the videos. You will learn the most the fastest by watching the videos.

2nd read every News Story in the first set of bullet points. The last bullet point is usually a link to an OffGrid Real Estate company that sells offgrid and rural farm properties.

Once you find a state you like, we recommend that you fly or drive to the location and start driving all of the old farm roads and look for overgrown signs that say Property for Sale by Owner. These are the properties that are not listed on any website anywhere and sometimes can offer the best deals from people who have been trying to sell this parcel of land for many years with no luck.

Each tax assessor office usually publishes a list of all properties that backtaxes that are owed. Once a year, sometimes more, they will have land auctions that sell off these properties for not much more than the back taxes owed. This is how Real Estate Land Flippers find land to buy and sell. You can find some really great properties using this strategy.

Read through each State Page for the best offgrid living opportunties in each state:

Best Countries to Live OffGrid Outside the United States