What Should You Build First on Your Off Grid Property? 

Searching for Information on How to Build Driveways, Fences,
Foundations, Furniture, Landscaping, Etc. for Off Grid Properties?

Off Grid Living - How to Build Fences for Off Grid Properties

Off Grid Living – How to Build Fences for Off Grid Properties

What Should You Build First on Your Off Grid Property?

Living Off Grid News – So you want to learn how to build fences, foundations, furniture, landscaping, and roads for an off grid living property?

We would love to teach you how to build all kinds of things that will improve your off grid homestead experience starting with the bare essentials, but then also adding many other things that will make living off grid down right comfortable, sustainable, beautiful and down right enjoyable.

Will it be easy? Nope, but at the end of the day – project-by-project – you’ll be able to lounge in a hillbilly hot tub, watch the sun set and know that by God’s grace, you built all this stuff and these things with your bare hands. We hope you enjoy. Always feel free to add suggestions to add to our list.

Please click on the links below that will take you to our Off Grid Home Facebook Group where we have hundreds of photo albums. If you scroll through the photos, there are comments to read, articles to review, videos to watch and photos that should give you some good ideas on what is possible and what topics you might like to research a little bit more and eventually include on your own off grid homestead.

How to Build Gravel Drive Ways/Roads that Won’t Wash Away

The first thing you need when building on an off grid property is a road and or drive way. And the best way to do this is put a lot of time an effort into it the very first time. First bevel the road into two sides that allow water to drain to the side of the road. Build up the road bed with Caliche and several inches of gravel. Over time the Caliche will bond with rock, gravel and sand and almost turn into cement. You can also put in French drains that will guide the water to where you want it to drain such as a yard, garden or pond. Since the water will flow here every time is rains, this is a great place to plant wildflowers that will bloom many times when it rains. Also lay down a gravel grid of Geocells that will keep the gravel in place and keep it from washing away.

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