Living Off Grid - How to Build a Predator Proof Chicken Coop to Protect Against Foxes, Skunks, Opossums and Raccoons


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Living Off Grid News – How to Build Chicken Coops and Raise Chickens for a Profit by Selling Meat and Eggs.

Raising chickens for meat and eggs has been an important staple for pioneers for thousands of years. We highly recommend researching and planning ahead before building your first chicken coop and chicken run. Building a predator proof chicken fortress will prevent a lot of worrying and stress about coming home to find all 50 of your chickens with their heads pulled off by a raccoon that was able to grab them through flimsy chicken wire fences.

Automated watering, feeding and egg collection will save you a lot of time and money if you plan ahead. Building chicken coops that are easy to clean, nesting boxes that discourage everything but laying eggs and building feeding systems that reduce feed waste and make it hard for rats, mice and other scavengers from eating your feed will save a lot of money.

Please click on the links below that will take you to our Off Grid Home Facebook Group where we have hundreds of photo albums. If you scroll through the photos, there are comments to read, articles to review, videos to watch and photos that should give you some good ideas on what is possible and what topics you might like to research a little bit more and eventually include on your own off grid homestead.

How to Build a Chicken Coop and Safe Chicken Run

  • How to Build the Perfect Chicken Coop and Protect Against Predators – Here are some pictures that do a pretty good job of showing how to build a rock solid chicken coop and put in some proactive steps that will help make a coop easy to clean and keep those dang nighttime varmints out and protect against daytime flying predators.
  • How to Build a Rock Solid, Weatherproof Chicken Coop – We’ve kept laying hens for years, but our coop left a lot to be desired. It was falling down and in need of repair, so we all sat down and did some brainstorming.  So we decided to build this new chicken coop, we tried to address all of the issues that have plagued us in the past. We hope that you find the photos and descriptions below helpful. Here are some of the features of our coop that we feel make keeping backyard chickens easier and more fun.
  • Need to Build a Chick Brooder Pin? – Thinking about raising some starter chicks? Here are some chicken brooder pen starter ideas.
  • How to Raise Your Own Feed Source for Feeding Chickens, Ducks, & Fish As you know 50 or more chickens can eat a lot, especially in the winter when most grass, weeds and other summertime food sources are not in abundant supply.
  • How to Raise Black Soldier Flies for Chicken/Fish Food Very few people have ever heard about raising Black Soldier Flies, but if you only learn one thing from this guide, raising these highly efficient insects will be one of the easiest and most productive things you do, especially if you plan to raise chickens, ducks or other birds. They automatically self-harvest by crawl out of their compost bin right into a food bucket. They may look like tiny wasps, but they are really a type of fly that serves many useful purposes. First, they are one of the most efficient food-to-protein conversion animals in the world. They will compost everything from horse, cow, and human manure to table scraps to dead animal carcasses and entrails and turn it into one of the best sources of protein that can be used to replace bone meal for all types of live stock feed as well as used for fertilizer in gardens. A side benefit is that they put off a pheromone that drives common houseflies away from barns, stalls and chicken coops.

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