Off Grid Living (OGL) Consulting Services for Beginners that Want Build an Off Grid Homestead Anywhere in the World

Guide to Off Grid Living - OGL Consulting Services

For Only $9.99 per Month, You Can Consult With and Talk to a Real Experienced Off Grid Expert in Order to Learn How to Build an Off Grid Homestead Anywhere in the World 

Right now, you can subscribe to OGL Consulting Services for only $9.99 per month. The price also includes a free subscription to our “Guide to Off Grid Living,” a free subscription to our magazine at and access to our global network of over 250,000 Off Grid Living Facebook discussion group members at =>  .  

OGL Consulting Services is perfect solution for beginners that would like to consult with and talk to a real,  experienced off grid expert via telephone about what it will take to buy a rural piece of property; build some sort of shelter; and start preparing an Off Grid Homestead as a place to live before Shit Hits the Fan (SHTF).  We have a network of over 250,000+ off grid members that live in English speaking countries all over the world. 

Subscribe now for only $9.99. Go to this URL and click on the Subscription button in the upper right hand corner of the page =>

Off Grid Living: Prepping to Live Off the Grid

Off Grid Living (OGL) Consulting Services include:

  1. Buying Off Grid Land:
    Help you select a county and state where you can buy an affordable piece of remote rural land that is perfect of an Off Grid Homestead.
  2. Buying Solar or Wind Power Generation:
    Help you evaluate, buy and install a solar power array or wind turbine that produces free electricity anywhere you need it.
  3. Building a Shelter or a Home:
    Help you select a shelter type and create a plan to build, rent or buy an Off Grid home including putting in a driveway and carving out a house pad.
  4. Building a Supply of Freshwater:
    Help you decide whether or not to tap an existing spring, drill a well, dig a pond or install a rainwater harvesting system to collect fresh water. This includes distilling or filtering water to make it safe to drink.
  5. Raising a Source for Meat/Milk:
    Help you research, plan and establish a barnyard full of livestock to provide meat including chickens, rabbits, goats, pigs and/or cattle.
  6. Planting Veggie/Medicinal Gardens:
    Help you research your planting zone, soil type and various types of gardens you can build. We will help you plan, build, plant and manage an Aquaponics, Hay Bale, Hügelkulture, raised bed, wicking bed, walipini, cold frame or greenhouse garden for growing vegetables and/or medicinal gardens all 12 months of the year
  7. Finding and Subscribing to a Fast Internet Connection:
    Help you research, plan and buy a Cell Phone Hotspot Service for fast cell tower internet access or a Starlink satellite antenna for super fast broadband internet access no matter where you build a homestead.
  8. Planning an Approved Waste Disposal Service:
    Help you research and plan for human waste disposal via a septic system, composting toilet and a black soldier fly composting bin that turns human waste and table scraps into free chicken feed.
  9. Building a Hot Water Heating Solution:
    Help you research, plan and build a hot water heating system so you can take long hot showers with solar, a wood stove or propane heated water. Bonus: How to Build a Hillbilly Hot Tub. 
  10. Installing a Homestead Security System
    Help you research, plan and install a security system to keep your Off Grid Home as secure as possible from apex predators and/or bad actors, intruders and scavengers with bad intentions.

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