- Rustic Log Cabin in the Forest Magazine Announces New $1 Subscription to the “Guide to Off Grid Living” for Families that Want Learn How to Sell Their Homes in the City and Move Out to the Country to Build an Off Grid Homestead

The Guide to Off Grid Living

The “Guide to Off Grid Living” provides over 80 Training Guides that Provide Educational Information

The “Guide to Off Grid Living” provides over 80 Individual Training Guides that Provide Educational Information Such as How to Find Off Grid Properties for Sale; How to Build an Off Grid Shelter; How to Drill a Water Well; How to Install Solar Power for Electricity; How to Plant a Vegetable/Medicinal Garden for Food; and, How to Build a Predator Proof Chicken Coop to Raise Chickens, Etc., Etc.

June 28, 2022 (Flagstaff, Arizona) – Magazine, after three years of tremendous growth due to the U.S. Government’s continued efforts to strip Americans of their civil and constitutional rights, had to figure out a better and easier way to answer the millions of questions that American citizens are asking about “How could  they buy some rural land and build an Off Grid Homestead for their family?”

Due to the large pent-up demand from families seeking this knowledge, Magazine decided to publish over 80 “Guides to Off Grid Living,” which can be downloaded at =>

The guides are written for millions of customers, who have decided they want to learn what it takes to move to the mountains, the foothills and/or the deserts on a worldwide basis with a well-researched plan to build an Off Grid Homestead where their families will not be dependent on utility companies for power, water or gas; where they will not be dependent on grocery stores for food/drinks and not dependent on pharmacies for medicine nor local, state and federal government agencies, which are becoming more and more hostile toward American citizens that want to live out the American dream.  

In less than three years, magazine website has grown from zero to more than 200,000+ readers per year as more and more families are searching for the best source of information on everything they need to learn to begin living off the land. 

“All you have do is watch the local evening TV newscasts to see precisely what is driving normal Americans away from the big Democrat-controlled cities,” said Robert Hoskins, Editor-in-Chief, magazine. “Many career politicians are trying as hard as possible to destroy the American dream, the American family, American values and the American way of life.”

Hoskins continued, “Nobody wants to be forced to get a vaccination that doesn’t work, doesn’t stop a virus from spreading and thus far has killed thousands of people who trusted the government’s lies about safety and the efficacy of the vaccine.

God-following Americans don’t want their kindergarten through 3rd children indoctrinated by teachers that are trying to convince their kids that they should get a sex change by transgender teachers or that pedophilia is a normal sexual orientation.

They also do not want to their U.S. constitutional rights to be violated or completely revoked, nor do they want to sit by and idly watch the U.S. government transform from a democratic republic into a socialist communist government that seems to be following the same game plan that Hitler used to establish his Nazi regime in Germany that caused two global wars. 

As a result of all this turmoil, many smart Americans are researching and making plans to circumvent the lifestyle of living in the city by actively learning how to:

  1. How to Shop for Rural Properties Where Their Family Can Build an Off Grid Homestead that is much safer than living suburban America.
  2. How to build an Off Grid home that will keep their families comfortable.
  3. How to drill a well or set up a rainwater harvesting system for freshwater.
  4. How to heat water for hot showers / baths using solar, wood and/or propane.
  5. How to install solar panels and wind turbines to produce electricity.
  6. How to plant/grow a “Victory” garden for vegetables and medicinal herbs.
  7. How to raise chickens, rabbits, pigs and goats/cows for meat and milk.
  8. How to setup a compostable toilet for environmentally friendly septic system. 
  9. How to setup a high-speed internet connection via cell towers/LEO satellites.
  10. 10. How to install security systems to surveil against apex predators and invaders.

So far, the “Guide to Off Grid Living” has been downloaded over 19,000+ times by prospective homesteaders who are thirsty for knowledge, tips, tricks and how-to articles that will help them adopt a new living off the grid lifestyle. Over 80+ free learning guides can be downloaded at:


Many subject matters covered in the Guide to Off Grid Living are complicated such as installing solar, rainwater harvesting, septic systems, and there is such a high-demand for information to read and subject matter experts to consult with, the  publication has decided to open numerous Facebook Off Grid Living discussion groups and business pages where more than 250,000+ newcomers can ask direct questions and get time-tested answers from old-timers who have been living off grid for 50 years or more.’s Facebook Groups and Business Pages are located at:

Off Grid Living: Prepping to Live Off the Grid – 250,000+ members


Off Grid Marketplace, General Store and Trading Post – 800 off grid vendors


Building-Joining Off Grid Communities hosts 600+ off grid members that are seeking to find or build Off Grid Communities that offer a place where like-minded people can live together in order to share responsibilities. Communities where landowners will sometimes barter working labor to build out their properties in return for small piece of land for a certain number of hours worked per month.

Learn more at:

Everyone that Buys a $1 per month “Guide to Off Grid Living” Subscription Will Also Receive Free Off Grid Consulting Services

For people who don’t want a subscription for reading and researching and that would like a shortcut by consulting with a real, experienced off grid expert, the Guide to Off Grid Living, also provides $9.99 per month “Off Grid Consulting Services.”

Every paying customer will be assigned an Account Executive (AE) that will listen to a family’s dreams and plans via telephone, then help the customer set up obtainable goals and objectives, help them them crunch the numbers and how to write out a 5-year budget, etc., etc. that will help their families move into an Off Grid Homestead as soon as possible.

Customers can sign up for $9.99 monthly Off Grid Consulting services by visiting and purchase the Off Grid Consulting Services Package.

About “Guide to Off Grid Living”: magazine provides an extensive Frequency Asked Questions Sheet as well as a portfolio of product and service recommendations to help new future homesteaders take a short cut to the time tested solutions so that they may make the best purchase decisions as quickly as possible. 

Off Grid equipment vendors that would like to advertise or spend money to sponsor live product training everts are welcome and should contact Robert Hoskins at (512) 627-6622 to discuss portfolio of different opportunities to the this target audience of future homesteaders and pioneers that want to build an Off Grid Homestead.

The very first question that beginners and newbies ask is, “Where can I can a good piece of rural property to buy/“ The magazines publishes provides a free “Directory of the Best States for Off Grid Living,” which provides an Off Grid profile for every state in the USA and numerous countries around the world. 


For all other questions and to sign up for personal Off Grid Living (OGL) consulting services, please connect with one of our Facebook discussion groups or business pages for Arizona, Northern Arizona, California, New Mexico, New York or Texas.

# # #

Robert Hoskins
Editor/Community Manager Magazine
Cell: (512) 627-6622


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