Sunview Solar Helps Customers Roll the Cost of Solar Power Arrays into New Mortgages when Buying a Home in South Carolina to Help Eliminate Electricity Bills and Zero-Out Carbon Footprints

Special Deals/Discounts Now Available until December 15, 2021 for Residential Customers that Buy Homes in Summerville, Goose Creek, Johns Island, Ladson, Lincolnville, North Charleston, Knightsville, Mount Pleasant, Sangaree, and other Cities in Dorchester County, SC

Sunview Solar Power Installations in Summerville, SC

Charleston, SC (November 15, 2021) – Sunview Solar announced today that it has rolled out special new solar installation program for new home buyers that allow home buyers to take advantage of the 26% Federal Solar Tax Credit, which expires December 31, 2022, and the 25% South Carolina Solar Tax Credit.

How Much Does a 5,000-watt (5-kW) Solar Array Cost in South Carolina?
At an installed cost of $3.00 per watt    5,000 watts x $4.00       = $20,000
then subtract the 26% Federal Tax Credit (26% x $20,000)        =  -$5,200
then subtract the 25% SC Tax Credit           (25% x $20,000)          =   -$5,000
                                          Final Cost to Customer after Discounts                    =   $9,800

What Areas is this Solar Offer Available?
The Sunview Solar installation company sells solar to customers that are buying homes for sale in Ashborough East, Blackberry Creek, Bridges of Summerville, Cane Bay Plantation, Carnes Crossroads, Drakesborough, Eastwood Homes, Felder Creek, Foxbank Plantation, Highwoods Plantation, Lakes of Summerville, Lakes of Cayne Bay, Legend Oaks Plantation, Nexton, North Creek Village, Old Rice Retreat, Pine Forest Country Club, The Ponds, Reminisce at the Promenade, Spring Grove Plantation, Summer Trace, Strawberry Station, Summers Corner, Sunburst Lakes, Sunnyfield, Weatherstone, Wescott Plantation, White Gables and other master planned communities in the following zip codes: 29420, 29437, 29447, 29448, 29471, 29472, 29477, 29483, 29484, and 29485.

The best homes for solar have a south-, west- or east-facing rooftop, at least 500 sq. ft. of open space to install solar. The same pricing outlined above is available to any homeowner that would like to install solar on their rooftop for a very affordable price.

Solar sales commissions are paid to realtors, real estate agents, builders, etc. for referrals at closing.

Rolling the Cost of Solar Power Array into a Home Mortgage is Easy

Residential customers are now rolling the cost of solar power into their home’s mortgage similar to the way people have been buying swimming pools at the same time they purchase a new home for years so there is no money out-of-pocket requirement. Customers will enjoy a home with a zero-carbon footprint with no electricity bills other than a small monthly fee to remain connected to the grid.  

The Price of Solar Has Been Falling and Is Now Very Affordable

“It was surprising to us when we first began selling solar in South Carolina ten years ago that customers were not aware that the price of solar has fallen 82% since 2010,” said top Eric Molton, Sunview Solar’s CEO. “Many people in South Carolina do not realize that there are Federal and State Solar Tax Credits that are good until the end of 2021 that will pay approximately 51% of the total cost of a residential solar power installations. On average, a 5-kW solar system will generate more than $30,000 worth of free electricity over the next 25-years. Even more if electric rates continue to go up.”

How to Get a Free Customized Solar Quote

To get the best price in South Carolina and find out how much it would cost to eliminate 100% of a customer’s electricity bill, please contact Robert Hoskins at (512) 627-6622. All we need to generate a solar proposal for your home to zero out its electric bill is one copy of your monthly South Carolina residential electric bill.  Just take a picture of one of your electric bills and text it to the number above.

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Robert Hoskins
Front Page PR
Cell: (512) 627-6622


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